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EMP is the single worst threat to America. If you are new to this to, see The EMP Threat and Solution Explained that made the front page of the Topeka Capital-Journal: "Working in Nanoseconds: Burlington Business Sees Potential in EMP Shield," or see screen snaps of page 1 and page 2.

Our EMP Shield is mighty!4x stronger than military grade – and just in time with all the reports of nuclear war and increased threats to the power grid! NOTE: This is a different project from Stan's alternate energy device.

On Nov. 22, 2017, the EMP SHIELD received accreditation from the Dept. of Defense EMP Shield testing lab in Pittsburg. Test res

ults are available here. Professional testers tried their hardest to make it fail and it passed with flying colors.

The EMP Shield is easy to install. Simple 2-page installation instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP Threat, watch Stan's video.
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NEWS for MAR 22 – National Puppy Day

News is updated throughout the day. Categories stay where they are for that day unless something extraordinary happens so check your favorite topics. While much in the headlines is alarming and distressing, our purpose is to inform and show where we are on the Christian timeline. Soem though not all of those articles are noted with. If you want perspective and encouragement, listen to Pastor JD Farag's latest message.

March 19: Here comes this year's first Dare To Prepare Giveaway! We are giving away 10 Dare To Prepare books – THE Preparedness Bible and 5-star rated on Amazon. To enter, send your email to Stan <> with this only in the subject line: DTP Giveaway. Otherwise, with the volume of email he receives, your entry could be missed. The random drawing will be held on March 29, 8 a.m. MDT with winners' names posted as soon as each responds. If a drawn name isn't acknowledged by 6 p.m. March 31, a new name will be selected. One entry per person; duplicates will be tossed.

There is no 'catch' and we'll even pay S & H within the U.S. It is our gift to you and we want you to be as ready as possible. In the meantime, while everything is getting crazier, there is much to prepare for. Please make use of our FREE preparedness website. We never sell or give away anyone's email nor do you need to provide your shipping addy until your name is drawn. GOOD LUCK to all!

Midwest Flooding Costs Increasing, With $1.6B Damage Just in Iowa

Nebraska – Over $640 Million, Missouri Declares State of Emergency
Floodwaters Threaten Millions in Crop and Livestock Losses
As Many As a Million Calves Lost in Nebraska

Over 200 Million People at Risk of Flooding, 13 Million Ready to Major Flooding…
Flood Disaster Declarations in Minnesota, Mississippi, Kansas, Texas, Washington, Nebraska
NOAA: 'Unprecedented' Flooding to Continue, Worsen Through May, Issues Dire Warning

Miserable Northeast Coastal Storm Kicks Off Spring With Rain, Interior Snow and Wind

Arizona Saw Record-Breaking Cold, Snowfall, Floods and Storms This Winter

U.S. Farmers Face Devastation Following Midwest Floods
Cyclone Idai: ‘15,000 People Still Need To Be Rescued’

Two Russian Volcanoes Have Left Their Mark on Snow Cover in Recent Days
Nebraska Flood Likely to Be Latest in String of U.S. Billion-Dollar Flood Disasters
Puerto Rico Power Fully Restored 18 Months After Hurricane Maria Wiped Out the Grid
Hailstones 'as Big as Eggs' Batter a Chinese County For 20 Minutes, Destroying Cars And Homes

Devastation from 2 Catastrophic 2018 Atlantic Hurricanes Was So Intense, Their Names Will Never Be Used Again
EU Report Declares UN Migration Pact Legally Binding After All Even If They Withdrew From the Agreement – HOLLY NOTE: This is why it's preferable to stand singularly rather than be bound to a group of nations. Germany, Sweden and France have nearly ruined their countries taking in massive numbers of Muslims, who have totally changed the faces of their nations.

Italy, who has a enough already, has been catching major flack for turning away boatloads of migrants.

Likewise the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Poland all reject being forced to take in migrants. Source and source. But now the EU says, "tough, every EU member has to take them."
Iraq Ferry Sinking: 'More Than 80 Dead' In Tigris River

EU Considers Potential Brexit Delay
How May Summoned Up Her Inner Trump For Her Brexit Address

Christians Respond After Deadly Cyclone Tears Across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe
Clinton, in Newly Revealed Emails, Discussed Classified Foreign Policy Matters, Secretive ‘Private’ Comms Channel With Israel

Hickenlooper Offers Something Different in Crowded Democratic Field: A Detailed History of His Sexual Conquests – HOLLY NOTE: 'Loopy' is definitely oversharing. This is the same former Colorado governor, now running for prez., that revealed this week he took his mom to a porn movie during college.

McCabe, Page Texts Reveal Trump Mockery, FISA Fears, and a Nasty Dig at Gowdy

VP Pence Gets Ovation at Hispanic Evangelical Summit; New 'Life Manifesto' Unveiled
The World Has Seen What Bernie Sanders' America Would Look Like, And It's Not Pretty

Sanders Campaign Unionizes. What Happens If The Workers Want To Strike?
‘Damn Socialism, Why Are You Chasing Me?’ Chinese-Americans See Ghost of Communism in Democrats’ Leftward Turn
These 25 Cities Are Losing More Residents Than They Are Gaining As Population Declines

What're the Chances of Felicity Huffman & Lori Loughlin Getting Prison Time?

Related: 'When Calls the Heart' Is 'Retooling' After Lori Loughlin's Exit
Beto the Bizarre:
…Tried to Prank Wife With Baby Poop and Tell Her It Was an Avacado
…Ate Dirt After Losing to Ted Cruz
…Put the Soles of His Feet Where People Eat

…Continual Pit Drench Earns the Nickname Sweato Beto
How Trump Is on Track for a 2020 Landslide – Economic Models Point to a Trump Blowout

Big Sunspot and Geomagnetic Storm Warning – HOLLY NOTE: This is even 'more interesting' when you factor in this is occurring during solar minimum.

Trump Recognizes Israeli Sovereignty Over Areas of the Golan Heights It Currently Controls

ISIS’ Final Stronghold Liberated, Marking End of Terror Group’s Bloody Empire

Trump Displays Syria Map Detailing ISIS Territory Loss, Vows Terror Network ‘Will Be Gone By Tonight’

Terror Watchlist Subjects Approved To Work At Ports Because of FBI Bungling
ICE Releasing 1,000 Illegal Immigrants a Day into the U.S.

Russia Deploys Nuclear Bombers to Crimea After US Rolls Out Missile Defence Systems on Putin’s Doorstep

Illegal Immigrant Murdered 4 Americans For Money For Meth, Official Says

Communities Shocked By Slayings Committed by Illegal Immigrants
Washington State Deputy, Father of 3, Killed By Illegal Alien

Residents in World’s Most Violent City Are Buying Stolen US-Mexico Border Wire For Protection, Report Says

Sean Hannity: Beto Thinks Border Security Isn't a Problem. Maybe He Needs to Talk to Angel Moms and Dads
Narco-Terrorist Challenges U.S. Fugitive in Mexican Border State Turf War – One of Mexico’s Most Violent Drug Cartels to Take Over Wealthy San Pedro, Claiming Its Mayor Is an Ally. Rival Groups Warned to Fall in Line or Face Violence.

Beto O’Rourke: America Doesn’t ‘Need Any Walls’ to Solve ‘a Problem We Do Not Have’
500 Migrants from Haiti, Africa, Asia in Chiapas, Mexico Headed to U.S.

Video Shows 171 Migrants Crawling Through Hole Under Border Fence in Yuma, Arizona
998 LEGAL Immigrants Become US citizens at El Paso Coliseum

Democrats Want Corporations To Turn Over Wage Data

Wayne Peterson's Financial Survivalist Newsletter, March Ed.

End of Days Guide to Purim
Evangelical Leaders Meet with, Pray over Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro

Christians Respond After Deadly Cyclone Tears Across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe
Muslims Fear New Zealand-Style Shooting After 5 Birmingham, England Mosques Attacked and CCTV Shows Thug Smashing Windows

Muslim Call To Prayer Will Be Broadcast Across New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Orders
Religious 'Nones' Now as Big as Evangelicals in the US, New Data Shows

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