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Stan guests with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report, July 17. Listen

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NEWS for JULY 20 – National Pennsylvania Day

Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing Paid Apprenticeship Programs with U.S. Companies for 3.8 Million Workers

Austrian State May Require Jews to Register to Buy Kosher Meat – HOLLY NOTE: What better way to find out who the people are that must be exterminated than to have them register for something critical to life. It begins again…

17 Dead After Power Thunderstorm Capsizes Duck Boat Near Branson, Mo.

1 Killed, Evacuations Ordered as 50,000-acre Substation Fire Burns in The Dalles, Oregon

Extreme Heat Adds Fuel To Deadly Western Wildfires

Twin Tornadoes Cause Damage in Iowa Towns

State of Emergency Declared…

At Least 17 Injures…
Drought Deepens In Missouri and Plains States; Ranchers Trim Herds

Scandinavia Unprepared For Worst Drought in 74 Years as Wildfires Rage and Stockholm Asks For International Assistance
Dawn Celebrates 40 Years with International Bird Rescue & Marine Mammal Center Partnerships
That's What This Ad Is About That You've Probably Seen a Dozen Times

Bear Decides to Cool Off, Takes Dip in Los Angeles Pool

Trump Invites Putin to Washington in the Fall

…Vows To Be Putin’s ‘Worst Enemy’ if Relationship Sours
FBI Director Warns China is America’s Most Significant Intelligence Threat – "China Is Trying to Position Itself as the Sole Dominant Superpower, Sole Dominant Economic Power"
Group Alleges Steyer-led Petition in AZ Submitted Invalid Signatures

Masked Protesters Hurl Feces At New LA Kosher Coffee Shop During Grand Opening Event — Because Owner Supports Trump

Adam Schiff Disrupts Hearing on China in Botched Attempt to Subpoena Trump-Putin Interpreter
Limbaugh Mocks Liberals Sending ‘Pee-Proof’ Underwear to Dem Senators So They Can Filibuster Without Potty Breaks
Dramatic Rise in Anti-Trump Idolatry Setting Stage for End-of-Days Showdown Between Good and Evil

Whoopi Goldberg SPIT On Jeanine Pirro, Screamed 'Get The F**k Out Of This Building,' Pirro Claims

Sen. Tom Cotton Introduces Legislation Sanctioning Iranians Who Hold American Hostages
EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran and Saudi Arabia, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime

Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen and DNC Chair Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) Demands Amazon Stop Selling Books From SPLC-Designated “Hate Groups”

The 9th Circuit Protects Gun Rights and Stops Confiscation

San Francisco’s Mayor Won’t Crack Down on People Using City as an Outdoor Toilet
Obama is ‘Responsible’ for Mueller Investigation, Clapper Admits

Do U.S. Intelligence Agencies Have a Political Agenda?
Former ICE Director Tom Homan: ICE Doesn't Need an Overhaul
Cartel Violence Forces U.S. Gov’t to Prohibit Employee Travel to Downtown Juárez

The Left's Embarrassing Plea For Open Borders
New York Times Profiles George Soros, Fails to Note His $3 Million Investment in Company
Trump ‘Not Thrilled’ With Fed Rate Hikes: ‘It Puts Us at a Disadvantage’
New Jersey Lawmaker Proposes Tap Water Tax Considers Getting Paid Less Than $15/Hr. Violence
Israeli Knesset’s Approval of ‘Nation-State’ Law Draws Mixed Reactions From Jewish Groups Around World
Arab League Says Nationality Law Is Another Bid to "Cement the Occupation"
Israel to Start Massive Effort to Fortify Home Front

Exploding Tortilla Chips Are Behind Two Blazes at a Texas Factory, Fire Officials Say
Air Force Base Defends Replacing Bible with Generic “Book of Faith”
We Are Now Living in a New Geologic Age, Experts Say
A $225 GPS Spoofer Can Send Sat-Nav-Guided Vehicles into Oncoming Traffic
Blood Moon: Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century Coming Next Week

LGBTQ Totalitarianism in Boston: The Destruction of the St. Patrick's Day Parade

This Is Why Trump Pushes China To Collapse
South Africa’s White Farmers Take Action as Blacks Continue to Slaughter them, Causing the Country to Collapse
'Alien' Mummy DNA Probe May Have Crossed Ethical Lines

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