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Stan guests with Tony Koretz on Minute to Midnite, Feb 13. Listening link coming for this pre-recorded interview.

Stan guests with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report, Feb 12, Listen

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EMP is the single worst threat to America. If you are new to this to, see The EMP Threat and Solution Explained that made the front page of the Topeka Capital-Journal: "Working in Nanoseconds: Burlington Business Sees Potential in EMP Shield," or see screen snaps of page 1 and page 2.

Our EMP Shield is mighty!4x stronger than military grade – and just in time with all the reports of nuclear war and increased threats to the power grid! NOTE: This is a different project from Stan's alternate energy device.

On Nov. 22, 2017, the EMP SHIELD received accreditation from the Dept. of Defense EMP Shield testing lab in Pittsburg. Test results are available here. Professional testers tried their hardest to make it fail and it passed with flying colors.

The EMP Shield is easy to install. Simple 2-page installation instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP Threat, watch Stan's video.
Email Stan with any questions.

NEWS for FEB 15 – Happy Wisconsin Day!

GREAT NEWS! We'd sold out of Dare To Prepare this past week and new stock wasn't expected until Feb 15. Books arrived Valentine's Day morning so case and individual orders alike shipped Feb 14th! This is especially good news since Monday is Presidents' Day and no mail moves that day. As Stan says, "you gotta win some of the time!" Thanks for your patience. —Holly

Because news is so critical and quickly changing,
we've now adopted a policy to update headlines throughout the day.

Iran Claims to Have Formula for Nuclear Bomb Ezekiel 38 & 39

L.A. Skyscraper Shown Exploding in New ISIS 'Promise Fulfilled' Threat

Netanyahu Tells Pence He Is ‘Looking Forward To Peace Plan’

Amazon Nixes Deal to Bring HQ, 25K Jobs to Big Apple After Hostile Reception From Left

1.4 Million Households No Longer Need Food Stamps Under Trump, Report
This Will Terrify You!! World Economic Collapse
The Bipartisan Spending Binge Is Now Worse Than Under Bush and Obama

JPMorgan Will Be The First Major US Bank to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

'Unbelievable': RetaiL Sales Collapsed By The Most Since 2009 in December
New Bible Translation Technology By Wycliffe Spreading Gospel Faster Than Ever Before

Liberals Fume As President Trump Endorses Efforts By Legislators In Several States To Allow Public Schools To Offer Bible Classes
Hundreds of 'Witches' Marks' to Ward Off Evil Spirits And Stop Them Rising From The Underworld Are Discovered Carved Into Limestone Caves in England's Midlands

America Fights Radical Islam: Three New Stories

NASA Heading Back To Moon Soon, And This Time To Stay
Big Activity On The Sun and This Is Solar Minimum

17.8 Million Sick: Flu Engulfs U.S, But Experts See 'Low-Severity' Season

Focus on the Family to Put Live 4-D Ultrasounds on Times Square Jumbotron

Congo Adds Measles Outbreak to Ebola and Cholera Epidemics
The Deeper Reason For Drug Ads On Television
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns to Work at Supreme Court

Trump Declares Emergency on Border, Eyes $8B For Wall As He Plans to Sign Spending Package – HOLLY NOTE: Angry Dems are trying to frame Trump's declaration a 'precedent' when clearly it isn't as shown by 58 prior national emergencies and 30 are still in effect.

Trump Plans to Allocate $8 Billion to Fund Border Wall, Source Says
Pelosi Warns Democratic President Could Declare National Emergency On Guns

Jussie Smollett Said Attackers Were White But The Two Suspects Are Black

Schumer Blasts McConnell Over ‘Cynical’ Call For Vote on Green New Deal
8 Days in May: New Revelations About Intrigue To Remove Trump
McCabe Confirms Talks Held At Justice Dept. About Removing President Trump

Devin Nunes Says Andrew McCabe Has It Backwards: The Real 'Terror' Came From the FBI, DOJ
D’oh: Only 1 State Passes US Citizenship Test, DC Fails Big
US Citizenship Test - Could You Pass?
Ilhan Omar’s Iran-Contra Rant Lifted from Al-Jazeera — Parroting Soviet Talking Points

James Woods to Warren: 'You're Done. Pack Up Your Teepee'

BOB WICKERS: This Dangerous Alliance Should Worry Voters About Kamala Harris

HUH? Arkansas Swears In All-Female ‘Boy Scout’ Troop
Democratic Debates Could Feature As Many As 20 Candidates
William Barr Confirmed As Attorney General

Extremist Organizations in US
Bear Found Hanging From Moving Trash Truck on NC Highway

Revealed, the Runner Who Killed a Mountain Lion With His Bare Hands... And a Few TWIGS

Border Apprehensions Increased In 2018 – Especially For Migrant Families
– HOLLY NOTE: One of the most astonishing statistics open border promoters spout is that illegal aliens coming across into the U.S. are way down from 20 years ago. That number last year was nearly 467,000. That's almost a half million! And this is acceptable? Keep in mind these are just the apprehensions. Thousands more sneak in because of absent or nearly absent borders walls.

Pollak: The Border Wall Deal — With the National Emergency — Is a Win for Trump
Mark Meadows: ‘I Fully Support’ Trump’s National Emergency to Build the Wall
What Border Crisis? Oh. That Border Crisis – Mexican Oxy Is Killing Americans
Spending Bill Allows Mexican Cartel-Connected Texas Counties to Stop Border Wall

Border Patrol Seizes ‘Enough Fentanyl to Kill 4M Americans’ in California

1,300 Migrants Apprehended in South Texas in One Day — Most Since 2014

David Perdue: Southern Border Crisis Is ‘Staggering’
Beto O’Rourke: Tear Down Existing Border Wall

GOP/Dem Deal Spends 40X as Much on Foreign Countries as Border Wall
BRAVE Texans Create Wall To Protect America From Caravan
29 Migrants Found in Tractor-Trailers at Texas Border Checkpoints
GOP/Dem Spending Deal Provides Amnesty Pipeline for MS-13 Gang

Cruz on EL CHAPO Act: ‘Only Right’ His Ill-Gotten Gains Go to Fixing the Problem
Birthright Citizenship Should End – It’s a Magnet For Immigration Fraud And Could Threaten National Security
El Niño Is Here: What You Need to Know

Polar Vortex May Have Killed a Significant Amount Of Harmful, Invasive Insect Species
Record-Breaking Snowfall Cloaks Moscow
Weird Weather: Seattle Is Beating Denver In Snowfall This Season
White European Girls in Vienna Are Wearing Islamic Head Coverings To Avoid Being Sexually Assaulted By Muslim Migrants
It’s Gotten So Bad In Germany They’re Forced To Close a Kindergarten Linked To Islamic Terrorism

'He's Alive!' Moment an Elderly Man Dives Under a Pier to Rescue His Trapped Dog

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