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MUST-READ of the Month: NKorea Already Has ~60 Nukes and Several “Super-EMP” Weapons – PLEASE download this report made to the House of Representatives and pass it on.

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Stan guests with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report, May 15. Listen

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In collaboration with Black Sea Jewelers, custom jeweler Kristina Groetsch (pictured) and Stan Deyo announce their Garden of Eden Collection, based on Stan's 2014 discovery of the actual Garden in Tanzania. Kristina, who comes from a long line of Bulgarian jewelers, perfectly captures the essence of this amazing exotic World Heritage Site.

All pieces in the collection are original designs and for authenticity, use only gems mined in that country for primary stones. Each creation represents an animal or artifact found in Africa's Garden of Eden. Besides the designs pictured and those on their site, many other pieces will be offered. Every stunning piece can be customized in various colors and weights of gold, as well as silver and platinum. Come and see more, and meet Kristina!

HOLLY NOTE: I was honored to receive the first piece in this collection on our 20th Anniversary. Stan and Kristina had worked on the unique design in secret. It arrived in a beautiful box compete with a real peacock feather, symbolic of their Garden of Eden Collection logo. I thought the stunning necklace was a sampling of what would be in the line and then was shocked to learn it was to commemorate our special day. Having seen this piece in person, I can share that these photos don't begin to do them justice!


The EMP Shield will protect your home or business against EMP threats from a nuclear bomb and by a massive solar eruption. EMP is the single worst threat to America. If you are new to this topic, see The EMP Threat and Solution Explained. It just made the front page of the Topeka Capital-Journal: "Working in Nanoseconds: Burlington Business Sees Potential in EMP Shield," or see screen snaps of page 1 and page 2.

Our EMP Shield is mighty!4x stronger than military grade – and just in time with all the reports of nuclear war and increased threats to the power grid! NOTE: This is a different project from the alternate energy device described above.

On Nov. 22, 2017, the EMP SHIELD received all accreditation from the Dept. of Defense EMP Shield testing lab in Pittsburg. Test results are available here. Professional testers tried their hardest to make it fail and it passed with flying colors. They were amazed! The EMP Shield is easy to install. Simple 2-page installation instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP Threat, watch Stan's video.

Contact Stan and he will send you a discount for a
$50 SAVINGS. This applies to multiple-unit orders saving $50 on each EMP Shield. Email Stan with EMP Shield in the subject line or use this: Once you receive the code, go to to place your order.

NEWS for MAY 25 – National Missing Children’s Day

ANALYSIS: New Evidence Iran Is a Huge Threat to World Peace

WW3 RED ALERT: Iran Launched 32 Missiles at Israel in May Says Israel Air Force Commander
Tropical Storm Alberto May Form in Gulf of Mexico Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

2018 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook

Massive Wedge Tornado Touches Down in New Mexico

Powerful Cyclone Mekunu Bears Down on Oman, Yemen; State of Emergency Declared in Socotra
Drought Conditions In The Southwest Are So Bad That They Are Already Being Compared to The Dust Bowl of the 1930s

…On Tap to Intensify Over US Southwest
Mysterious Booms Across Pennsylvania Triggers FBI Investigation
Saudi Releases Photo of Reforming Crown Prince Amid Speculation That He Has Been Assassinated After Not Appearing in Public Since Gunfire Was Heard at His Palace A Month Ago
Trump Cancels Summit Because of ‘Tremendous Anger’ From N. Korea; Tells Kim, ‘Call Me’ If You Change Your Mind
The Calm Before the Storm

Canada Shocked as Glass Shards and Sewing Needles Deliberately Planted By Muslims on Beach Threatened By “Islamic Revolutionary Force”

Swedish Police Are Warning Women All Over The Country to NOT Leave Their Houses Late at Night Because There Will Be Lots of Rapes Due to Islamic Immigration
CDC: More Soldiers Should Be On Anti-HIV Meds
Hockey Player, 20, Who Thought He Had a Serious Disease Finds a 25-Inch Tapeworm in His Poop That Had Been Living in His Intestine For Almost a Year
Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
13 Year Old Dreams of Horrific Famine in the USA, a Terror Attack, a Coming Tsunami and A Disease Transmitted By Flies
'My New Sounds Are Rising From My Burning Altars of Worship'
Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL for Controversial Mission in Afghanistan

Watch Trump Bestow Medal of Honor on Retired Navy SEAL
What’s Next: 3 Possible Scenarios on North Korea After Cancellation of Trump-Kim Summit

Ben Shapiro: Does Trump Pulling Out of Summit with N. Korea ‘Increase Chances of Nuclear War’?
Andrew McCabe Spent $70,000 on a Table. The FBI Hid It From Congress – HOLLY NOTE: This extravagant table purchase was redacted for the reason of 'National Security'. This is very telling that many blacked out items have nothing to do with the nation's security, and everything to do with hiding bad conduct.

Justice Kennedy Retiring at Term's End 'Very Real Possibility

Rep. Al Green Pretty Sure He Can Impeach The President for a Racial Slur – HOLLY NOTE: It's pretty clear Green should familiarize himself what constitutes grounds for impeachment. It's surprising that someone this vitriolic and this left of LEFT represents Texas. If you've even heard him on a rant, you know he 'out-Maxines' Maxine Waters. He virtually strangles on his hate.

Armed Citizen Kills Shooter at OKC Restaurant
FOR OUR KIDS – CLASS: Americans for Children's Lives and School Safety, Mission – Design, Implement and Support Programs That Foster Children’s Safety, Security and Well-Being – HOLLY NOTE: Andrew Pollack whose daughter, Meadow, was fatally shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this year, he has spoken around the country organizing new measures for schools.

Pollack's 8-point plan will help make schools the safe teaching environments that kids expect and deserve. He stresses that community level involvement is imparative and that everyone can pitch in to make schools truly safe places.
…Listen to Pollack's Short Message
Let's Have a Brave NFL
Mike Rowe's Take: Man-Babies, Starbucks 'Shelters' and 'Safe Spaces'

IT'S 'FOREVER HILLARY!' Still Bitter: Hillary Recalls ‘Good Old Days’ When She ‘Won’ 1st Debate Against Trump – Says ‘Democrats — We Believe In Facts, Real Ones, Not the Alternative Kind’

The Attorney General Thinks Police Having to Follow The Constitution Leads To Violent Crime Increases
Rachel Dolezal, White Woman Who Posed as Black, Accused of Welfare Fraud

She Voted for Obama Twice. Now Antonia Okafor Explains Why She’s a Conservative Who Advocates Gun Rights.

MS-13 Suspect Who Allegedly Killed Man, Burned Body Entered US as 'Unaccompanied Alien Child'

Trump on US Immigration Trials: "The Whole System Is Corrupt" … "We Have The Worst Immigration Laws in the World"
Two More Republicans Sign Petition to Force Immigration Vote: GOP Wants to Pass a Measure That Will Stop illegal immigrants into the U.S. and Find Legal Remedy For "Dreamers"

National Guard Assisting US Border Agents
Tom Homan: MS-13 Kills For Sport

Larry Elder: In Calling MS-13 'Animals,' Trump Was Kind

Agent Shoots, Kills Illegal Immigrant After ‘Assault’, Says Border Patrol
For the First Time Ever: A Jewish-Christian Party To Run For Knesset

Prince William Due in Israel, PA on June 25 For First Ever Official Royal Visit

Paws Please! World's Nicest Dog Politely Requests Owner's Attention By Repeatedly Tapping Her Computer

Goats at Work: Savannah Turns to More Natural Clearing Method

How Did Dino-Era Birds Survive the Asteroid 'Apocalypse'?
Hilarious Moment a Woman Runs for Safety as Almost a Hundred Cows Cause Havoc on a Residential Street After Escaping From a Nearby Farm

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