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NEWS for OCT 23 – National Mole Day

Oct. 19, 2018
Holly Deyo

BELLA UPDATE OCT. 19: This may be our last update as Bella is doing so very well. Her red blood cell count today was at an excellent 146 (140-155 is normal). The other test they performed was a liver check, which read high due to the steroids. Instead of the 11 and 12 pills she was initially prescribed, she's now down to 2 and 3. (Every other day she takes an extra one.) Bella was first prescribed 3 Prednisone tabs a day and now it's just 1-1/2. Since everything is looking so good, she won't see Dr. McPherson again for 2 weeks.

One funny thing happened while at the clinic. First let us share that Prednisone makes both people and pets absolutely ravenous and thirsty. She literally drinks a gallon of water a day now when it used to be about 1/3 of that. Animals don't develop the moon-face that people often do and that my mom did when she had to take it. However, people can take themselves to the bathroom. For Bella, there have been days when she's had to go outside 5 times in a hour and a half. She also can't wait to eat.

PHOTO: Bella is just being her girly self scratching her back in the yard and thinking life is good again.

At 6 in the morning we give Bella her meds in a nitrate/nitrite-free hotdog that she wolfs down. By their 11:30 lunch, she's ready to eat paint off the walls. So this morning she had her 1/2 hotdog and at 10:30 we set off for Colorado Springs. We arrived right when she would normally be having lunch, which was now going to be 2-1/2 hours late.

About noon, Vet Tech Aly took her for a blood draw and she came back with Bella in tow laughing so hard a huge grin split her face. What was up? In order to distract animals during these tests they give them a piece of sliced turkey. When Aly brought out the container, Bella apparently bypassed the "piece" and dove for the bucket. Aly said Bella plunged her face right in and helped herself.

We were a bit horrified, but they thought it was funny. Bella is extraordinarily affectionate kissing all staff members alike from the receptionists through the veterinarians so I guess they overlooked her bad behavior. Pre-predisone days Bella was always a finicky eater. Now, everything not nailed down is at risk.

Last weekend I had peeled a cupcake liner from a muffin and tossed it into the trash. Dashing around the kitchen intent on making Stan's breakfast I didn't think much about it. The trash bucket sat out from under the sink by the stove waiting for egg shells to be tossed in. I turned my back for maybe 10 seconds and Bella had fished out the muffin wrapper and proceeded to munch through the paper. Even though it had bits of muffin stuck to it, eating paper probably wasn't the best idea. On my knees, I had to pry her jaws apart while she rolled her eyes in protest to extract the muffin wrapper.

We'll be so glad when Bella's off the Prednisone so her eating and bathroom patterns are back to normal! As it stand nows, Bella will be on the Prednisone maybe for a couple of months more. Dunno for sure, but the Azathioprine she will likely be on permanently. Dr. McPherson said today, "it's such a terrible disease that we don't want to risk a relapse." He went on to say that dogs who contract autoimmune disease have only a 50-50 chance of survival. So Bella was a very lucky, no blessed, little dog – and so were her parents.

Trump Promises 10% Tax Cut For Middle Class, Catching Allies Off Guard
‘Remember Who Started It’: Obama Takes Credit for Trump’s ‘Economic Miracles’ – HOLLY NOTE: That's rich coming from Obama who nearly killed small businesses, who told Americans not to expect anything higher than 2% growth when Trump hit 4.2% in his first 18 months in office, and it was Obama who slapped on so many regulations that it strangled business growth while simultaneously tying up established companies in red tape and Obama who said manufacturing was never coming back to the U.S.

Trump has removed more regulations than any president in history. In Obama's administration, companies fled America; in Trump's admin they're coming back in droves. Unemployment under Obama could do no better than 4.7%. Under Trump it's already at 3.7%. It was Obama that simultaneously slaughtered good paying full-time jobs and replaced them with crappy part-time positions.

Under Trump, there are more job openings for skilled labor than there are people to fill them. Unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and Asians is the lowest in history. For women, unemployment is the lowest in 65 years. For young people, it's the lowest in 52 years. The number of people working is now the biggest in the history of America. Trump made the biggest tax cut in a generation – 10% coming next week as well as done away with the death tax.

Trump also is making us energy independent signing the Keystone and Dakota pipeline legislation. Trump required other countries in the UN to pay their fair share rather than the U.S. paying way more than all other countries combined.

And last, Trump revamped detrimental trade agreements of TPP and NAFTA to be more fair to America rather than us continually getting ripped off. So Obama, YOU didn't build this economy. Trump did.

Ford Starts US Production of the Ranger Pickup for the First Time in Years

Democrats Will Impose Massive Tax Hikes If They Win Congress – Raise Tax Rates on Families and Businesses, Bring Back the Dreaded AMT, and Re-impose the Death Tax
Related: Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan
Texas Smashes Early Voting Record

Brothers Fined $450G for Chopping Down Trees On Their Own Land

Divided Democrats Appear To Avoid Sparring With Trump Over Migrant March As Midterm Nears

Trump Holds Texas Rally as Economy, Immigration Loom Large Among Voters – 18,000 Attendees Alone, Thousands Pack Outside with Jumbotrons

'Blue Wave' Warning: Democrats Poised to Slash Defense Spending

Ben Stein: Mitch McConnell Restaurant Hecklers ‘Exactly How the Nazis Started Out’
Pelosi: Oh, We'll Use Subpoena Power To Get What We Want From Trump

Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti's Bad Day: Evicted From Office, Ordered to Pay $4.85M to Former Employee

Old Joe Biden Thinks He's in Miami During Tampa Campaign Rally

Navy SEAL Charged With War Crimes Considers Suing His Investigators
'I GOT A LOT TO SAY': Self-Absorbed Obama Refers to Himself 92 Times During 38-Minute NV Speech

Elizabeth Warren's Ex-Husband Founded DNA Testing Company

N.Y. Times 'Apoplectic' Over Bold Trump Move
Paid Protest Firm "Crowds On Demand" Sued In $23 Million Extortion Plot
Mexican News Says Caravans Grow To 14,000 People

Previously Deported Illegal Aliens Join Caravan: ‘It’s Time for Me to Go Back’
Former ICE Director Suggests Mexico 'Unwilling' to Stop Caravan
Trump Says MS-13, Terrorists Are Part Of Caravan

Trump Claims Migrant Caravan Contains 'Unknown Middle Easterners'
Donald Trump Alerts Military: Migrant Caravan Now a National Emergency

Watters: Migrant Caravans Make Drug Cartels 'Act Like Toll Booth Operators for America'
National Press See Immigration As Racist Election Ploy, Not Security Issue
Nuggets From the Washington Post on Caravaners Interviewed:
Most people in the caravan have been deported "many times".
Most aren't planning to apply for asylum.
They plan to slip across the border illegally.
The vast majority aren't applying for refugee status in Mexico because they fear they will be detained or deported.
ARMY INVASION: Honduran Caravan Includes Military-Aged Male Migrants From Bangladesh, Haiti and Congo
Geraldo, Gorka Spar Over How To Deal With Migrant Caravan
Who Really Launched Caravan 'Invasion' of America?

Trump to Cut Off Aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador Over Massive Migrant Caravan
Prophetic Dream About Israel and War (That Will Affect Everyone)
What America Will Look Like Should the Globalists Ludicrously Pushing For War With Russia Get Their Way

The Taiwan Strait Is Getting Hot, Hot, Hot...
Refusing To Integrate…Turkish Muslims in Germany Create Parallel Societies Which Police Are Unable To Control
In an Effort to Lull Bavarian Voters Into Complacency, Angela Merkel Fooled Them Into Thinking That the Dumping of Muslim Illegal Aliens Into Their State Was Over

Mnuchin Talks Iran Oil Sanctions With Saudi Crown Prince

South Africa’s Black Government Prepares to Seize Hundreds of Acres of Land From White Farmers as Test Case to See If Theft Without Compensation Is Legal

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