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NOTE: This website does not ascribe to or follow Political Correctness, as you see in our news, and read in Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed. We call a spade a spade. Taking no advertising, we are free to post whatever informs without prejudice. We post news through the lens of US/World/Christian End Times events, laid bare, and only that which can be documented, so not to lead you down a wrong path. Prophesied events are taking place right now, which is why it's important that you also pay attention to activities outside America. Read the news and be AWAKE, always looking up!


JAN 23 Flooring update: Our biggest work effort was the entire week leading up to yesterday and Tuesday's carpet rip-out and hardwood flooring lay-down. There is nothing to do at the moment with the installers working flat out. Beginning Wednesday, we'll be putting the house back together, so news may not be posted on Wednesday. We'll play it by ear. Installers worked late last night so we could at least sleep in our bed, but it will take a backhoe to get to the shower. There is stuff everywhere! Everything that normally lives in these 5 changed-up rooms is in a different place. It will be a treasure hunt trying to locate everything again. Thankfully this is a warm-ish winter day as the dogs have been stuck outside since 7:30 a.m. when they're normally inside with The Parents. They'll live, but probably have their noses out of joint. Thanks for your patience, Stan & Holly.

Tsunami Watch Canceled after 7.9 Earthquake Strikes Alaska – HOLLY NOTE: Last night when appearing on Coast To Coast AM's news segment, Stan warned about a large earthquake coming in the next 1 to 3 days. 3 hours later it struck.

The Philippines’ Most Active Volcano Spewed Fountains of Red-Hot Lava

Japan Volcano Erupts, Subsequent Avalanche Kills 1, Injures 15

Indonesia Earthquake: Powerful 6.1 Magnitude Quake Strikes Off Coast of Java
Buildings Swayed, People Panicked
BOMBSHELL: Illegal Aliens Quietly Being Relocated Throughout U.S. on Commercial Flights

‘We Are Outraged!’ Illegal Alien Activists Turn on Democrats After Amnesty-or-Shutdown Fail

California to Register Illegal Aliens to Vote – Automatically
Shock Poll: Americans Want Massive Cuts to Legal Immigration
Trump Thumps Democrats Again for Putting Interests of Illegals Over US Citizens

Stephen Miller in the Crosshairs as Republican Senator Calls Hardline Trump Immigration Adviser 'an Outlier' –White House Fires Back
DHS Waives 30 Regulations to Speed Border Wall

Companies Continue to Hire Illegals and E-Verify Doesn’t Stop Them
A Different Perspective on DACA
Following End of Government Shutdown, Lawmakers Look to Continue Immigration Negotiations
Mexican Uber Driver in US Illegally Charged With 4 Rapes

Treason: QAnon Exposes Obama/Hillary 16-year Coup d’état Plan – Describes Plan to Destroy America, Reshape World

“Americans Will Be Surprised How Bad It Is”: GOP Rep. Admits “Deeply Disturbing” FISA Memo Shook Him to the Core
Obama Coup Plotters to be Revealed and Face Prison - Second Revolution Looms

“My Gut Tells Me This is Probably Bigger”: Rep. Jim Jordan Hints Missing Strzok Texts Is Next MAJOR Scandal to Rock FBI

Unsealed FISA Court Ruling Shows 85% of Obama’s FBI and DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal and Illegally Provided to Government Outsiders
FBI Shadow Figure Surfaces to Protect President Obama Amid Released FBI Text Messages…
Bombshell: FBI Texts Between Peter Strzok & Lisa Page MISSING!
Chaffetz: 5 Months of Missing Texts Between Ex-Mueller Team Members 'Highly Suspicious'
Former Federal Prosecutor Details “Brazen Plot” by FBI and DOJ to Exonerate Hillary and “Frame” Donald Trump
Flu Outbreak: 100 People a Week Dying in US as Virus Continues to Spread
As Flu Deaths Rise, Churches Change Their Rules
The Sex-Change Revolution Is Based on Ideology, Not Science
'Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital': U.S Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem Next Year, Says Pence As Fight Breaks Out During His Speech to the Knesset
Ambassador to Israel: Pence's Speech Moved Me to Tears
Palestinians: No Difference Between Fatah and Hamas
2017: Prophetic Year in Review, Pt. 2
Prophetic Word: Saul Prophets Will Be Spiritually Stripped
“I Will Use Nikki Haley as a Plumb Line That Will Both Unite and Divide the Nations.”
Tesla ‘on Autopilot’ Slams Into Parked Fire Truck on Freeway

“UFO Disclosure”: a Covert Op to Discredit Real Disclosure
Humans Don’t Know What These Dogs Are Doing Until They Find Confused Senior Shivering in the Snow
Trump Signs Bill Ending 3-Day Government Shutdown After Dems Cave in Immigration Fight

Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID For “ALL Americans”

Supremes Join Trump to Stop Obama Power Grab
Fervent NeverTrumper Does 180 After Year of Massive Trump Successes
The Rise and Fall of CNN, The Most Busted Name in News

‘America First’ Polls Poorly in Other Countries. Trump Backers Don’t Care. – HOLLY NOTE: As I wrote last year, of course they're not happy because their enormous free ride gravy train has been derailed. Many of these other countries are socialist and they're only happy when their hands are in your pocket – clear down to the bottom. Ask Bernie. While they want free this and free that, somebody has to pay, and often its been the U.S. So no wondered they're unhappy that we have a President totally opposite of Barack Insane Obama, one who puts America. It's like that old 1920s saying, '"tough titty" said the kitty when the milk went dry.' The updated version is, 'Tough tittie said the kitty wallowing in self-pity'. Either way… gravy's over.

Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Eliminate Marriage Licenses
What a Nuclear Missile Attack on Hawaii Would Look Like
Well-fed Kim Sends Thugs to Steal Farmers' Food For His Starving Army

Syria - Turks Attack Afrin, U.S. Strategy Fails, Kurds Again Chose The Losing Side
France Requests UN Security Council Meeting on Turkish Operation in Afrin
Will Turkish Invasion of Syria Bring About Pre-Messianic Conflict With Russia?
MUSLIM IMMIGRATION SCANDAL: French Border Guards Intentionally ‘Turning Off Migrant Monitors’ So Islamic Refugees Can Flee to UK
The State of Freedom Worldwide
ANGER as Multiple Properties in London Are Only Offered to Muslim Occupants
215,000,000 Christians Persecuted, Mostly by Muslims
“Grassroots Revival Communities Will Begin to Flourish in Canada in 2018.”
Scholars Decipher One of Last Remaining Mysterious Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Oldest Bible Texts

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