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NEWS for JAN 18 – National Michigan Day

California Storms Leave at Least 6 People Dead

Giant Ice Disk Forms In Maine River, Drawing Comparisons to UFO
Earth’s Ecosystems Are On a Collision Course With Extinction: Insect Populations Have Declined By Up To 98% In Some Areas Of The World
Brutally Cold Weather To Follow Blockbuster Weekend Snowstorm

Trump: New, Cutting Edge Missile Defence System Call for 20 New Ground-Based Interceptors in Alaska

Democrats ‘Totally Unhinged’: Trump Says Left ‘No Longer Care What is Right' for US
Government Shutdown Lessons - We Could Take a Chainsaw To So Much Of Government – HOLLY NOTE: Yet the Democrats aim is to greatly expand this bloated entity – America's largest employer.

House Democrats Are Urged to Denounce Omar of Minnesota for Her Anti-Israel Rhetoric

Laura Ingraham: Ocasio-Cortez Must Be Taken Seriously. Is America Ready to Be Ruled By These New Progressives?

There Were 65 UFO Sightings in Upstate NY in 2018; Did Aliens Visit Your Town?
…160 UFO Sightings Reported In Wash. State
…95 Sightings in Oregon

Project Blue Book: The Air Force’s Covert UFO Investigation Is Brought to TV
…Based on a True U.F.O. Story.

Harry Reid Pushing For More UFO Research

Citing Impasse, Trump Cancels US Delegation To Davos After Postponing Pelosi's 3-Nation Tour

CNN’s Acosta: ‘Childish’ Trump Canceled Pelosi’s International Trip During Shutdown
Shutdown Standoff Escalates as Pelosi Digs in on Delaying Speech, Trump Says Dems 'Hijacked'

Despite Pelosi's 'Concern' Over Security, DHS Secretary: Secret Service Ready for SOTU
After Homeland Says They Are Ready for SOTU, Pelosi Shifts Tactics – Says Paychecks, Not Security, Are Concern

5 Ways Trump Can Turn Pelosi's State Of The Union Ploy Into A Communications Victory
Ted Cruz: Pelosi Terrified Of Trump Speaking Directly To Americans During State of the Union
Women’s March Loses Support As Racism, Anti-Semitism Cloud Original Agenda

Marist Poll: Trump's Support Among Hispanics Jumps 19 Points

Beautiful Black Swan Feeds Fish

Our Cellphone Addiction Is Turning Wireless Tech Into an Invisible Weapon That’s Destroying Wildlife
Another Massive Fish Kill Has Been Detected on the NSW-Victoria Border

Red Tide Episode Kills Record Number Of Sea Turtles Around Florida
Gulf States are Poised to Play a Major Role in Trump's Peace—When He Unveils One
Total Lunar Eclipse Meets Supermoon Sunday Night, Beginning 10:34 p.m. EST

Russia's Academy of Sciences Begins Work On Countering 'Hazards' From Outer Space
Leftist French Magazine Calls for the Complete Banning of Heterosexuality
Man Injected Himself With Own Semen in Attempt to Relieve Back Pain, Case Report Says
Migrant Caravan Freely Crosses Mexican Border After Gates Were Left Open, Authorities Avoided 'Confrontation,' Wanted Them to "Feel Welcome"

CBP Arrest People from 7 Different Countries in 5 Days: China, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, India

Angel Mom to Pelosi’s MS-13 Defense: My Son’s ‘Spark of Divinity’ Erased
Why Trump's Right. It's All About The Border Now – Joseph Farah Calls Shutdown Battle 'Our Last Chance To Save America'
Aeromexico Stuns By Offering Discounts To Passengers With Mexican DNA
Angel Mom: Unlike Federal Workers, Corporate America ‘Gave Me Nothing’ When Illegal Killed My Son

Poll Shows Lopsided Support for Border Fence in ‘High-Crime Areas’
New York Times Op-Ed Urges Open Borders: ‘Let Them In’
Vatican Publishes 500-Page Collection of Pope’s Words on Immigration
Pew: Biggest Divide Ever On Wall, Trump Approval Gap Widest In 60 Years

Farmer Says He’ll Give Trump An Easement To Build The Wall
PHOTOS: Bulgaria, Australia, Slovenia Prove Border Walls Stop Illegal Immigration

Still Confused About Brexit? It's Actually Pretty Simple

Dutch Trucker Faces Court Over Death Of Yellow Jacket Protester
Riot Control Guns: What's All The Fuss About Flash Balls In France?
Employment Scams #1 Riskiest Scam Type for Military Spouses & Veterans

Everything You Need To Know to Sack Super Bowl LIII Scams

Whatever Happened To Science?

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