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GOOD NEWS! We completely sold out of Dare To Prepare last month and rather than hit the 'reprint button,' Dare received a complete update – now the 6th Edition. Product suggestions from companies, where to purchase them and most photos have changed. The material has all been thoroughly vetted and yes, some of the information has changed, too. Had originally thought revisions would take a weekend. Instead it required 6-1/2 weeks, working every day to give you the most current, best book. Dare To Prepare 6th Ed is at the printers as we speak. We should have new stock in 4 weeks around December 11th – right in time for Christmas. You're welcome to place backorders, which assures you get the first copies. Thanks for your patience. —Holly

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UPDATE NOV 27: The EMP SHIELDs began shipping today.

UPDATE NOV 22: The EMP SHIELD has just received all credidation from the Dept. of Defense EMP Shield testing lab in Pittsburg. Here are the test results. See for yourself! They tried their hardest to make it fail and it passed with flying colors. They were amazed! The EMP Shield is easy to install.

Click here for installation instuctions. It's a 2-page PDF that downloads quickly into whatever folder you've designated for downloads.

Those who asked to be alerted when the EMP Shield is available are being notified by Stan today and tomorrow. If you are among the first 500 to order, Stan will send you a discount for a
$50 SAVINGS. This applies to multiple-unit orders saving $50 on each EMP Shield. Email Stan with EMP Shield in the subject line or use this: Once you receive the code, go to to purchase. The discount applies to both residential and commercial units. When the pre-release units are gone so will be the discount.

ALERT: Stan announced on The Hagmann Report Sept 26 that in the next few weeks he will make available an EMP Shield that can protect your home or business. It is mighty! – 4x stronger than military grade – and just in time! NOTE: This is a different project from the alternate energy device described above.

6 Large California Wildfires Have Scorched 141,000 Acres

Southern California Wildfires 'Unprecedented'
As Winds Kick Up Again, Tall Flames Menace Communities Far and Wide
Photos: Otherworldly Scenes Unfold as Thomas Fire Burns into the Night – HOLLY NOTE: If you have time, take a few minutes and look through these photos. What our fellow Americans are enduring is heartrending, unimaginable. At least equal to cops, if not more so, we are in awe of firefighters. They wear about 75 pounds in helmet, hood, pants, coat, gloves, boots and air pack, plus the equipment they carry.

They wear suffocatingly hot protective clothing even in 100+ degree temps. Yesterday, we watched a CA firefighter stagger and fall due to heat exhaustion. Every fire they face an unpredictable menace that can change directions in a second. Sometimes they are caught as in the 2013 Arizona fires when 19 hotshots were killed. Surrounded by walls of flame, even their fireshield blankets couldn't save them. Often they can't see through the smoke and adding in extreme conditions like the Santa Annas firefighters are dealing with now… pray for them.

Already so many Californians have lost everything. Hundreds of homes have burned. In a CNN aerial video, it showed dozens of home ablaze in one neighborhood, making it look like a hellish red and black checkerboard.

While most Americans are happily shopping for Christmas and Hanukkah and making holiday plans, Californians are going through hell. Please remember them, pray for them, and help if you are so moved.
Horses Killed as Owners Raced to Save Hundreds…

State of Emergency Declared…
How You Can Help
Dane Wigington on California Firestorms, a Geoengineered Catastrophe
South Texas Awakes to Rare Blanket of Snow

4.0 Tremor and Aftershocks Rock Earthquake Valley Fault Line in San Diego County

Geologists Spot a Pattern, Predict Greater Number of Big Quakes in 2018

Storm Caroline Raises Fears of Death and Injury in North of UK
…Claims First Victim as Young Man Dies in Canoe Tragedy on "Treacherous" River
Met Office Just Issued Weather Warning for HEAVY to Cover UK
Indonesia Cyclone Death Toll More Than Doubles to 41
Experts Scramble to Monitor Long-Dormant Iceland Volcano Showing "Alarming"

Can You Spot the Leopard About to Pounce on Sheep Herd?
Worst Case Scenario: 200,000 Californians Flee Homes as Wind Whips Wildfires Closer to LA

Section of 101 Freeway Closed as Powerful Winds Force New Evacuations
Ojai in Fire's Sights…

Flames Reach Small Seaside Town of La Conchita, Sending Evacuation Holdouts Fleeing
Californians Who Desperately Fled Fires Reflect After Losing Everything
Chelsea Handler Blames Donald Trump for California Wildfires
Drought Creeps Back into the U.S.

Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise
REPORT: Barack Obama Blocked Deportation of 550,000 Illegal Aliens

SCOTUS to Lower Courts on the Travel Ban: Knock It Off
FBI Warrant Suggests This Border Patrol Agent’s Death Was Attack by Illegal Immigrants

Senate Republicans Introduce a 'Pro-American' DACA Fix
Schumer Walks Tightrope on Shutdown, Immigration Fights

More than 3,000 Human Bone Fragments Found in Mexican Border State Killing Field
DEEP STATE BUSTED: Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Paid for Dossier, Then Used It to Wiretap Trump, Strzok Brought Request to FISA Court

Trump’s ‘Deep State Advisor’ Reveals Obama Illegally Spied on Him, Leaked It to Washington Post
Hannity: Russia Probe Is a House of Cards Crashing Down
Rep Nunes Cleared in Ethics Probe of Disclosing Classified Information 8 MONTHS Later

Justice Dept. Lawyer Who Met with Dubious Trump Dossier Author to Be Hauled Before Congress

Trump Ally Erik Prince: Obama Put Me Under ‘Illegal’ Domestic Surveillance

FBI Chief Blasted for Political Bias Within Agency By House Panel
It's Time for Congress to Pass the 'John McCain Rule'
Al Franken Isn't Sorry

Franken Accuser Stephanie Kemplin ‘Appalled’ By Resignation Speech

John Conyers III Arrested But Not Prosecuted in Domestic Abuse Case – HOLLY NOTE: This is one of sexual harasser John Conyers' kids who wants to take over his dad's congressional seat.

Federal Probe of Wife’S $10M Loan Ongoing, Could Be Roadblock to Sanders’ White House Hopes

Bernie Sanders Takes to Twitter to Blast President Trump for “Sexual Assault” – Forgets He Isn’t So Innocent Himself
Bernie Tried to Distance Himself from 1972 Essay on Rape

Rep. Trent Franks Resigning from Congress

HuffPo: 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' is Bigoted and Sexist

Against an Inferno, Man Rescues the Smallest Creature

Scientists Discover Flaw in Banking Apps
The Human Race Has Peaked And Is Now Moving Backwards
$24B Nuclear Fusion Project in France 50% Complete
‘Over 10,000 Texts’ Between Ex-Mueller Team Officials Found, After Discovery of anti-Trump Messages
Hannity: Mueller Investigation Is Epitome of the DC Swamp

Franken Gone!

Ingraham: Dems' Sudden Morality Is Political Calculation
Ban on Bulletproof Glass in Philly Neighborhood Shops Sparks Outrage
The Deep State Plot to Conquer America Is on Full Display
Trump's Approval Rating Jumps to 45%, Highest Since September

Washington State Considering Gender 'X' for Birth Certificates

Roger Goodell Receives $200 Million Deal to Keep Running NFL League
Employers Add 228,000 Jobs – 33,000 More Than Expected, Unemployment Rate Stays 4.1%
ADP Services Reports Largest Number of New Manufacturing Jobs in History – 40,000 New Manufacturing Jobs in November

Here's Where the Jobs Are – in One Chart
House Passes Spending Bill, First Step in Avoiding Government Shutdown
Hackers Steal $70M in Bitcoins as Price Briefly Hits $19K

This Chart Shows How the GOP Tax Plan Will Hit Your Wallet
General Electric’s Power Division to Cut 12,000 Jobs
NKorea Could Launch Its Own Nuclear 'Pearl Harbor' Attacking the US, Potentially Killing Millions

China Publishes Nuclear Attack Survival Guide as Tensions with NKorea Reach Breaking Point
Google Sends Powerful Migrant Crisis Video by Polish Government to ‘YouTube Jail’
Australian Parliament Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Turnbull Announces Overhaul of Australian Intelligence After Chinese Influence Scandal

What Will a Few More Years of Muslim Immigration Do to Europe?
Turkey: Laundering Billions for Iran
Sweden: Migration Responsible for 300% Increase in HIV Cases
Bus Driver Appears to Get Up and Dance along a Windy Road in Colombia
Pope Francis Wants to Change Line of 'Our Father'
Millennial Evangelical Christians Less Likely to Support Israel, Survey Finds
What Really Happens When You ask Alexa ‘Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?’
LOL: Prince Charles Declares “Let’s Remember Mohammed on Christmas”

Pope Francis Forced to Handover Pedophile Priests in Child Abuse Crackdown
Nun Broke Child’s Arm for Reporting Sexual Abuse by Pedophile Priest
Trump: Dems Want Government Shutdown to Let in 'illegal Immigrants'
Trump Could Still Pull a Fast One on 'Chuck' and 'Nancy' on Immigration
Trump Administration Begins Testing Border Wall Prototypes to Prevent Scaling, Breaches
Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department Over Sale of Fetal Tissue

72% of Millennials Say Calling Them a ‘Snowflake’ Damages Their Mental Health – HOLLY NOTE: What are they going to do when they're hit upside the head by 'real' life? Melt away? Instead of no-hopers, they're the no-copers.

Heavy Marijuana Users Showing Up at the ER 'Scromiting'
Oldest Monster Black Hole Ever Found Is 800 Million Times More Massive Than the Sun

Atmospheric Radiation is Increasing
PM Netanyahu: “This Is an Historic Day”

President Donald Trump Delivers Statement on Jerusalem

Trump Makes Good on an Obama Campaign Promise
Jerusalem 101: Why President Trump’s New Policy Is Such a Big Deal
Jerusalem Is Why Trump's in the White House
6 Palestinian Lies About Trump’s Decision to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Arabs Riot in Eastern Jerusalem

Thousands of Palestinians Protest

IDF Bolsters Forces in Judea and Samaria
'One of the Greatest Moments in History'
Hailing Trump, Jerusalem Projects US Flag onto Old City Walls

Netanyahu Sees 'Many' Nations Following US Move
Hamas Calls for New Intifada after Move
Abbas Warns of 'Wars Without End' Following US Jerusalem Declaration
‘After Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration, Next Step Is Third Temple’

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