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Stan guests with Doug and Joe on The Hagmann Report, Aug 7. Listen

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NEWS for AUGUST 13 – National Presidential Joke Day

Electric Grid Hacking More Perilous Than Election Hacking

More Than 100 Large Wildfires in U.S. as New Blazes Erupt

California’s Already Severe Wildfire Season Likely To Worsen As No Relief Is In Sight
Alaska’s North Slope Hit By High Magnitude Earthquakes

Flash Floods Send Cars Floating Down River, Piling Up Against Bridge
Heavy Storms To Inundate Central US Through Wednesday

And in the Northeast Through Early This Week…
Worst Types of Litter: Plastic Straws Not Even in the Top 5
Pro-Gay Church Plans to Build Worship Space And Public Brewery, Donate Profits to Planned Parenthood

Normalizing Satanism in America: Demon Statue in Arkansas State Capitol; Satanic Highway Cleanup in Indiana
White Nationalist, KKK Member Who Marched in Charlottesville Baptized by Those He Once Hated

Mega-Pastor Accused of 'Heresy' For Attack on Old Testament
China Banning Baptisms, Forcing Removal of 'Last Supper' Art in Ongoing Crackdown on Churches
'Pure Genocide': Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly Women and Children
Growing Fraud Sucks Billions From Churches Annually, This IRS Fix Could Help, Expert Says

Over 100 Newspapers Collude To Decry Trump's "Dirty War On The Free Press"

Fight Collusion: Pass Up a Newspaper on August 16th
Omarosa Releases Purported Secret Recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly 'Threatening' Her in the Situation Room

Kellyanne Conway Rejects Omarosa’S Claims Of Trump Racial Slurs
Man, 35, Accused Of Killing, Eating Ex-Girlfriend Declared Fit To Stand Trial

'Unite the Right' March Triggers Tension, Antifa Clashes, Hundreds of Counterprotesters, Several Arrested

How Tell The Difference Between a Racist and a Social Justice Warrior
Donations for Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Found Rotting In Parking Lot

New Bill Insures America First
Mysterious Dog Disease Hits Virginia City: ‘There’s an Epidemic Underway’

Orca That Carried Dead, Decomposing Calf for Weeks Now Returns To Fun With Friends
Nat Geo's Jewelled Messengers: Wild Hummingbirds

Primitive Technology: Sea Water Test Get Fresh Water And Salt | Pure Water

Mexican Citizen Previously Deported With Long Rap Sheet Arrested in US for 10th Time

India Nationals Illegally Crossing the US-Mexico border in Record Numbers, Pay Smugglers Up to $25G
30th Illegal Alien Sex Offender Arrested by CBP El Centro
Woman, 81, Busted Smuggling $870G of Heroin Across US-Mexico Border, Cops Say

Google Maps Capture Nearly 2 Dozen Illegal Immigrants Entering Texas from Mexico

Fleeing Human Smuggler Attempts to Run Over Border Patrol Agent
REPORT: Poisonous Dust From 9/11 Attack Has Given Almost 10,000 New Yorkers Cancer
V.A. Facility in D.C. Resembles '3rd World Hospital' – 'If It Was a Restaurant, It Would Have Been Shut Down'
VA Employees File Grievance Against Veterans Affairs Over Trump Administration Executive Order
The Problem with Gay Marriage
Norway to Test Free Heroin For Drug Addicts
15 Acid Attacks Every Week In Britain And Even Children As Young As 2 Are Doing It

…More Than 2,000 Acid Attacks In Just 3 Years - Including One Victim 'Who Was Also Raped'
Manchester Shooting: 10 Hospitalized in U.K. After Gunfire At Caribbean Carnival
Ships Unwilling To Save Mediterranean Migrants After Italy Crackdown, SOS Mediterranee Says
The Shootings in Brazil Just Keep On Going
‘I’ll Raid You, White Trash’: Australians Told to Lock Doors as Africans Rampage in Melbourne

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