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Hundreds of Earthquakes Have Rocked Yellowstone's Supervolcano in the Past Few Days
Earliest Grape Vine Budding in Napa Valley in 30 Years

At Least 1 Dead and Dozens Rescued As Floods Rage Across Midwest
Michigan to Texas Face Significant River Flooding into Next Week; State of Emergency Declared in Elkhart, Indiana

When Will Record Cold Relinquish Its Grip on Western US?

UK and Europe to Be Plunged into It's Coldest Period for Years
Europeans Rip Trump on Climate Change, Yet Import Record Amounts of U.S. Coal
Billy Graham Death Fulfills Rapture Prophecy!
Billy Graham Prophetic Sign Fulfillment Rapture, Revival
Prophecy - The Death Of Billy Graham
Billy Graham’s Death Marks “Beginning of the Greatest Revival”
Jewish Leaders Mourn the Passing of Reverend Billy Graham, Friend of Israel
Franklin Graham Remembers Dad, Rev. Billy Graham

Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca Rips ‘Evil’ Rev. Billy Graham: ‘Have Fun In Hell, Bitch’ – HOLLY NOTE: What a shocking unbelievable display of disrespect! Parents, we hope you will banish this publication from your home. Send a message.

Jaw Dropping – The Washington Post Attacks Reverend Billy Graham Hours After He Dies…
U.N. Brings Back Image of 3rd Pagan God
Researches Believe They Dug Up 2,700-Year-Old Seal Of Doomsday Prophet Isaiah
Trump Vows to Push Comprehensive Gun Background Checks: 'Raise Age to 21', Ban Bump Stocks

David Clarke: Fla. Students' Gun Control Push Has 'George Soros' Fingerprints All Over It'
CNN Busted Trying to Put Scripted Words in Mouth of Hero Stoneman Douglas Student at Televised Town Hall

CNN Contributor: "Now It's Time For Us to Take the NRA Out"
What Percentage Of Mass Shootings Happen In 'Gun Free Zones'? The Number Is Stunning.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre Addresses CPAC 2018 (begins 5:20 min. in)
According to the FBI, Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – It’s Not Even Close
Surviving The Coming Storm Attacking Your Rights
Lawyer Gregg Jarrett Lists 6 Ways Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe & Yates Are in “Serious Legal Jeopardy”
Truck Hit By Train Carrying GOp Lawmakers Was In Crossing After Warning, NTSB Says
Florida, California, Nevada Top ‘Sinful‘ List
SODOM AND GEMORRAH: California Will Free 10,000 Sexual Predators

Obama: I'm Proud to be the First Kenyan-American President

MS-13 Rebuilds… Immigration Enforcement Needed to Take Back Our Streets

MS-13 Resurgence
200 Murders by MS-13 in 22 States Since 2012, Claims Report
An MS-13 Horror Story that the Press Has Largely Ignored
MS-13 Now in 22 States, Thanks to DACA

Liberal Democrats Claim Illegal Immigrants Are Law-Abiding

Related: Illegals Commit Crimes at DOUBLE the Rate of Native-Born: Study
Related: Smuggling, Other Crimes by DACA People Complicate Immigration Debate
Related: Mexico Is Not Sending It’s Best… They’re Bringing Drugs. They’re Bringing Crime. They’re Bringing ‘Meth Burritos’
Related: Illegal Immigration and Crime
2016 Immigrant Arrival Numbers Match Highest Level in U.S. History – 53% Increase Since Low Point in 2011
Do States Have a Say in the Refugee Resettlement Program?
Colorado Considers ‘Purple Card’ As Its Own Version of the ‘Green Card’
Here's a Case of Both Chain Migration and Fierce Labor Exploitation
ICE Director Talks Stepping Up Enforcement in California
Border Wall Work Begins In Downtown Calexico
Mexican Judge Releases Gulf Cartel Leader Three Days after Arrest near Texas Border
Report: Mexican Cartel Dumped Hundreds of Corpses into Texas Border-Area Lakes

Jobless Claims Plunge to 222,000, Second-Lowest Mark in Decades

America Faces Looming Retirement Crisis If Our Policymakers Fail To Act

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